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CCP approves integrated project at St Inez




The Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) on Monday passed a resolution approving the proposal for developing the crematorium, kabrastan and cemetery at St Inez along with the CCP’s solid waste sorting area and the shelter for animals run by Panjim Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

CCP Commissioner Sanjit Rodrigues said, “It is an integrated project to upgrade the public facilities. It is also an effort to extend the green space in the city. All communities and committees of various religions have been consulted and the plan has been passed by the CCP.”

He further said that all schools are within the ambit of the CCP waste management campaign called ‘waste wise’ and educationally the park will be a part of the campaign.

The proposal includes a provision for 20 pyres for the crematorium along with a waiting hall where one can pay his respects to departed souls, hand/feet washing areas and bathrooms, large covered areas for people attending the funeral and a separate Shraddha hall for the 10th, 11th and 13th day rites and other related ceremonies.

The kabrastan will be renovated with a large prayer hall on ground floor and also on first floor, for Namaz for the departed soul alongwith a Janaza store room, body wash (guzul) room, hand/feet wash area (wazu khana) with a capacity of 50/75 people and a landscaped burial ground.

The Ismaili Khoja Kabrastan will have a prayer hall to conduct namaz, body wash (gusul) area and a storeroom for Janaza. While the Lingayat Burial will have a waiting hall for people to gather, a storeroom and organised burial places consisting of pavements.

Apart from the existing structures, a children’s park has been proposed with a green space area, playing/gym equipments for children as well as adults as well as banyan trees and other trees are conserved.

Stating the philosophy behind the proposal, architect Rahul Deshpande the designer of the project said considering the locations of three different aspects, the dead, the animals and the waste, “There has to be respect to the dead, care for the animals and awareness about sorting”.

The renovation plan designed by Deshpande will be developed by the Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUDA). Though the financial budget has not been estimated, Deshpande said that the project would cost around Rs 4 crore.

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