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Malaysia to evacuate citizens from Syria

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is removing its citizens from Syria following the fast deteriorating security situation in that country, according to Malaysian foreign minister Mr Anifah Aman.

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Obama not insulting but cheering India: WSJ

WASHINGTON: Observing that the “truth- telling” of US President Mr Barack Obama “evidently pricked the thin skin of India’s politicians”, a leading American financial daily has said he is in fact “cheering” the Indian elite and not insulting them.

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Pak working to declare land where Osama lived as govt property

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani authorities have taken steps to declare as government property the plot of land in the garrison town of Abbottabad where al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden spent his final years before he was killed by American commandos.

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Daily rues Pak’s ghost schools

ISLAMABAD: Ghost schools “exist on paper and never operate”, said a leading Pakistani daily that lamented the continuing emergency in the country’s education system.

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Fake interpreter turns up at Indian woman’s murder trial

LONDON: The trial of a 37-year-old Punjabi woman, accused of killing her mother-in-law with a rolling pin, was stopped by the judge after the interpreter confessed half an hour later that he was a fake and filling in for his busy wife.

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