Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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Indian in NY pleads guilty to illegal ivory sales

NEW YORK: An Indian-American businessman here has pleaded guilty to selling jewellery and artifacts in Manhattan worth over USD two million made from illegal ivory obtained from endangered and threatened elephants from Africa.

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US probes Michelle Obama death threat from cop

Washington: The US Secret Service said it was investigating a police officer in Washington after he allegedly made a death threat against the first lady, Ms Michelle Obama. "We're aware of the incident, and we're going to take appropriate investigative steps," the spokesperson, Mr Edwin Donovan said after The Washington Post newspaper first reported the incident.

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Pakistan Parliament passes bill to protect leaders from contempt

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan President today signed into law a bill aimed at giving blanket immunity to top government leaders from contempt of court proceedings and countering the Supreme Court's efforts to pressure the premier to revive graft cases against the President, Mr Asif Ali Zardari.

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New UK visa step to detect bogus Indian students

LONDON: Britain today announced a targeted interview system for student visa applicants from India and other non-EU countries to prevent abuse and to ensure that they are refused visas if immigration officials have doubts about their genuineness as students.

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World’s first anti-obesity shot promising

WASHINGTON: The world’s first anti-obesity vaccine has shown promising results in boosting weight loss, according to a study. Keith Haffer from Braasch Biotech LLC, south Dakota, who developed the vaccines in two versions JH17 and JH18,

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Rising acid levels of oceans a big threat to coral reefs

SYDNEY: Oceans' rising acid levels have emerged as one of the biggest threats to coral reefs, acting as the "osteoporosis of the sea" and threatening everything from food security to tourism to livelihoods, the head of a US scientific agency said Monday.

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