Tuesday , 19 November 2019
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Belarus embassy wraps up in Sweden

MINSK: The Belarusian embassy in Sweden has stopped accepting most documents after a diplomatic row erupted between the two countries. It has turned the task over to the Latvian embassy, the Belarusian foreign ministry said.

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A triangular passenger plane unveiled by NASA

WASHINGTON: A new triangular ‘passenger plane’ of the future is ready and has already undergone test flights. The super plane so far only codenamed 'X-48C' is the brainchild of the US space agency NASA which is developing it in collaboration with aviation major Boeing.

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China’s high-profile murder trial opens

BEIJING: Disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai's wife, accused of murdering a British businessman, went on trial today in a high-profile case following a major political scandal that rocked the ruling CPC and cost her husband his job.

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Pak PM advised by aides not to appear in SC

LAHORE: The Pakistan Premier, Mr Raja Pervez Ashraf has been advised by his aides not to appear in the Supreme Court in response to a notice summoning him for failing to act on its orders to revive graft cases against the President.

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Neil Armstrong recovering from heart surgery

WASHINGTON:  Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon has undergone a cardiac bypass surgery, days after his 82nd birthday and is now on the road to recovery and "doing great".

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