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Indian State Must Learn to Function

AFTER the super-tsunami of words on the 1962 border war with China and the lessons we must learn from it, why should there be another article on the subject?

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Obama scripts history; becomes first US President to vote early

WASHINGTON: The President, Mr Barack Obama scripted history when he cast his ballot 12 days ahead of the November 6 polls, becoming the first sitting US President to vote early in the election described by him as an "extremely tight" race between him and his Republican rival, Mr Mitt Romney.

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Hajj Pilgrims stone the Satan, pray for forgiveness

JEDDAH: After having spent a day in prayer on the 'Mountain of Mercy', millions of Muslim pilgrims, including Indians, descended on the city of Mina today to perform the symbolic Hajj ritual of stoning the Satan.

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Attaullah, Mullah Radio hatched Malala attack plot in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: The plot to attack 15-year-old Pakistani education campaigner Malala Yousufzai was hatched in Afghanistan's Kunar province during a meeting between Attaullah Khan, the prime suspect and Pakistani Taliban commander Mullah Fazlullah aka Mullah Radio, security officials said.

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Barack Obama to cast his vote on Friday

WASHINGTON: The President, Mr  Barack Obama would cast his ballot on Friday for the November 6 US presidential elections, thus becoming the first US President to vote early in the country's electoral history.

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‘God intended rape’ remark doesn’t make sense: Obama

WASHINGTON: The US President, Mr Barack Obama has criticised Indiana Republican Senate candidate, Mr Richard Mourdock for his remarks about rape and pregnancy, saying that ‘rape is rape’ and that the comments “don’t make any sense to me”.

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