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Time running out for duped TVU students

WASHINGTON: Hundreds of Indian students, duped by a California-based “sham” university, are frantically knocking at the doors of colleges begging for admission in their desperate attempt to save their academic careers and avoid deportation back home.

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Russian Islamist wanted for Moscow blast-report

MOSCOW: Security forces are searching for an ethnic Russian member of a North Caucasus Islamist group suspected of involvement in the Moscow airport bombing which killed 35, a leading daily reported thursday.
Monday’s suicide attack in the arrival hall of Moscow’s Domodedovo airport bore the hallmarks of Islamist insurgents from the North Caucasus, on Russia’s southern flank. No group has claimed responsibility, which left some 130 injured.

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India’s anti-piracy action plan

UNITED NATIONS: India has suggested a five step anti-piracy action plan to combat the menace in the Indian Ocean where Somali pirates are attacking ships and demanding millions of dollars as ransom money.

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3 killed in anti-govt rallies in Egypt

CAIRO: In a Tunisia-inspired demonstration, thousands of Egyptian protesters took to streets to demand an end to the 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak and clashed with riot security forces, as unprecedented anti-government rallies nationwide claimed three lives.

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