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Congress saw political opportunity after 26/11: WikiLeaks

LONDON:  A section of the Congress party saw “political opportunity” when one of its leaders Mr A R  Antulay claimed that Hindutva forces may be behind the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, by backing Muslims “who would continue to play up the conspiracy theory”, revealed a US official memo leaked by WikiLeaks.

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US working out ways to avoid repeat of Shankar episode

WASHINGTON: Against the backdrop of the incident wherein Indian Ambassador Ms Meera Shankar was patted down at an airport in Mississippi, the US State Department has said it is in communication with Homeland Security officials to work out ways to avoid such inconveniences to diplomats.

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Britain’s royals taste street fury

LONDON: In Britain’s worst political violence in years, furious student protesters rained sticks and rocks on riot police and vandalised government buildings after lawmakers approved a controversial hike in university tuition fees. 

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India seeks ‘EverGreen Revolution’: UN climate

CANCUN: Even as UN climate talks here were almost deadlocked over contentious issues like a legally- binding pact on emissions cut, India today sought an “EverGreen Revolution” that will trigger innovations in low-carbon technologies tailored to withstand global warming.

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