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Climax of Ashura at Karbala

KARBALA (IRAQ): Two million Shiites geared up for the climax of Ashura commemorations in the Iraqi shrine city of Karbala today, the day after authorities said they arrested dozens of suspected militants plotting “chaos.”

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Caste discrimination exists in UK: govt

LONDON: Caste-based discrimination exists across Britain, a new research commissioned by UK government has found, prompting further calls to outlaw the malpractice that blights the lives of many people with origins in the Indian sub-continent.

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Ivory Coast braces for possible violence

ABIDJAN, IVORY COAST: Ivory Coast braced for possible bloodshed on Thursday, as supporters of the man the world recognizes as this volatile country’s president-elect prepared for a showdown in the streets with security forces loyal to the incumbent who refuses to step down.

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