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3 killed as Russian plane bursts

MOSCOW: A Russian passenger jet carrying 125 people burst into flames just before take-off on a runway at a Siberian airport in the country’s Far North, killing at least three persons, including a child, and injuring over 40 others.

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Egypt media warns of civil war after bombing

CAIRO: Egyptian newspapers warned on Sunday that “civil war” could break out unless Christians and Muslims close ranks after a deadly attack on a Coptic church that triggered angry protests.
The authorities said that a suicide bomber blew himself up outside Al-Qiddissin church in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria early on New Year’s Day, killing 21 people and wounding 79 others.

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UN warns attack on rival could lead to civil war

ABIDJAN, IVORY COAST: The United Nations has warned supporters of the Ivory Coast incumbent leader, Mr Laurent Gbagbo not to attack the Golf Hotel where the internationally recognised winner, Mr Alassane Ouattara has set up a shadow government under UN protection.
 A pro-Gbagbo youth leader has said that Mr Ouattara and his supporters have until Saturday to “pack up their bags.”

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