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Egypt Army vows peaceful transition to democracy

CAIRO: Egypt’s military leadership Saturday vowed to oversee a "peaceful transition" to democracy and pledged its commitment to all international treaties, a day after Mr Hosni Mubarak bowed out as President in the wake of an unprecedented uprising against his 30-year rule.

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Mubarak steps down as Egypt President

CAIRO: Mr Hosni Mubarak, who ruled Egypt with an iron hand for over three decades, stepped down as the President Friday and handed over power to the army capitulating under mass protests sweeping the country’s streets for the last 18 days.

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Military takes control of Egypt

CAIRO: Egypt’s powerful military Thursday night said it has started taking “necessary measures to protect the nation” and support the “legitimate demands” of the people, amid reports that embattled President, Mr Hosni Mubarak may step down soon and transfer power to his deputy, Mr Omar Suleiman.

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Shaky Nepal PM names cabinet

KATHMANDU: The political crisis dogging Nepal for seven months intensified on Thursday with the new Prime Minister, Mr Jhala Nath Khanal forced to swear in a three-member cabinet as his allies, the Maoists, refused to join the government, just a week after they had helped the communist leader come to power.

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Canada’s Quebec province assembly bans kirpan

TORONTO: Canada’s French-speaking Quebec province’s legislature has unanimously voted to ban the ‘kirpan’ from assembly premises, weeks after four Sikhs were denied entry for a parliamentary hearing for refusing to surrender their ceremonial daggers.

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