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Egypt’s ruling party wins big in controversial polls

CAIRO: The Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party of President, Mr Hosni Mubarak routed the Islamist opposition in the first round of parliamentary election that was riddled by allegations of massive fraud and rigging.

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Pak govt under UAE pressure to make way for Musharraf’s return

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan government is under “unprecedented pressure” from the rulers of the United Arab Emirates to pave the way for a “safe, secure and honourable homecoming” of the former president, Mr Pervez Musharraf, a media report said today.

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WikiLeaks’ disclosures attack on international community: Clinton

WASHINGTON: Slamming the release of secret US documents by WikiLeaks, the Secretary of State, Ms Hillary Clinton has described it as an attack not only on America but on the global community as a whole, even as she voiced confidence that her country’s international partnerships will withstand the jolt.

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‘Clinton asked US envoys to spy on Indians over UNSC seat’

WASHINGTON: The US Secretary of State, Ms Hillary Clinton described India as a “self-appointed front-runner” for a permanent United Nations Security Council seat and directed US envoys to seek minute details about Indian diplomats stationed at the United Nations headquarters, according to classified documents released by WikiLeaks on Monday.

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Blasts kill Iran nuclear scientist

TEHRAN: Twin blasts in Iran’s capital killed a nuclear scientist and wounded another today, said state media reports that promptly blame Israeli agents on motorbikes of attaching the bombs to their cars.

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