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Saleh’s regime nears collapse as defections mount in Yemen

DUBAI: Yemen President, Mr Ali Abdullah Saleh’s 32-year-old iron fisted rule appeared to be tottering Monday as three army generals, including his longtime confidante, joined the mass uprising and deployed tanks and armoured vehicles to protect protestors while Yemen’s top tribal leader also asked the President to step down.

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Japan begins air drop on stricken reactor

ZAO (JAPAN): Japanese military helicopters dumped loads of seawater onto a stricken nuclear complex on Thursday, trying to cool dangerously overheated uranium fuel rods that may be on the verge of spewing more radiation into the atmosphere.

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11 killed in Iraq suicide attack

KANAAN (IRAQ): A suicide attacker rammed a truck packed with explosives into an army barracks in Iraq’s Diyala province today, killing at least eleven members of the troops and wounding 14 others, a security official said.
 The attack took place at around 6.00 am at an army base at Kanaan, some 70 km northeast of Baghdad, the official said.

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