Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Yemen protester dies of wounds, rallies resume

SANAA,YEMEN: A Yemeni protester died on Sunday from gunshot wounds sustained in clashes with police in the southern port of Aden, and demonstrators gathered in the capital Sanaa for a new round of anti-government rallies.

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Explosion at Japan’s nuke plant causes radiation leak

TOKYO: An explosion at a nuclear power plant in Japan destroyed the building housing the reactor Saturday triggering radiation leaks under the impact of the massive quake and the tsunami it spawned which has left at least 1,700 people dead or unaccounted for.

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Japan quake shifts Earth 4 inches on its axis

WASHINGTON: The massive earthquake that shook Japan and triggered a huge tsunami appears to have shifted the Earth on its axis and moved an island of Japan, a media report said Saturday.

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Tsunami waves kill one

in US, spark  evacuations in Latin America
LOS ANGELES: Tsunami waves from Japan’s huge quake have killed at least one person and sparked mass evacuations on the American continent, but failed to inflict major damage.

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TOKYO: A massive tsunami triggered by Japan’s most powerful earthquake in nearly a century Friday wrought devastation in northeast coastal Japan, sweeping away houses, ships and cars and setting ablaze several buildings, killing over 360 people.

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Radicalisation of American Muslims

WASHINGTON: Notwithstanding protests from the Muslim community here both in terms of demonstrations and open criticism, a key Congressional committee today kicked off a series of hearing on radicalisation of American Muslims.

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