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Airliner to run jets on used cooking oil

THE HAGUE: Dutch airline KLM has announced that it will use a biofuel generated from used cooking oil to power more than 200 commercial flights between Paris and Amsterdam starting in September.

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Crew members with Indians expected to reach Karachi day after

ISLAMABAD/KARACHI: The MV Suez’s 22-member crew, including six Indians, who were freed by Somali pirates after the payment of ransom, are expected to reach Karachi in a naval vessel by Wednesday or Thursday, a Pakistan Navy official said today.

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Women gear up to defy Saudi drive ban

RIYADH: Unfazed by fear of being arrested, Saudi female activists are preparing to test a traditional ban on women driving by getting behind the wheel, despite stern warnings.

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Russia opposes UN action on Syria

MOSCOW: Moscow will veto any UN Security Council that will seek to slap Libya-type sanctions against Syria, the Russian President, Mr Dmitry Medvedev said, reports RIA Novosti.

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Deported Tamils fear for life

COLOMBO: More than two dozen Sri Lankan asylum seekers deported from UK are now concerned for their safety as they feel their life could be in jeopardy after moving back to the troubled nation.

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