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NASA probe circling the moon on New Year’s eve

CALIFORNIA: As planet Earth rang in the New Year, a different kind of countdown was happening at the moon.

After a 3½-month journey, a NASA spacecraft flew over the moon’s south pole, fired its engine and dropped into orbit Saturday in the first of two back-to-back arrivals over the New Year’s weekend.

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Apologise to India, Vaz tells BBC’s Clarkson

LONDON: Furious over controversial BBC presenter, Mr Jeremy Clarkson mocking Indian culture during a Christmas special programme while driving in India, senior Labour MP, Mr Keith Vaz Saturday demanded an apology. The controversy seems to have even sucked in the 10 Downing Street.

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North Korea blasts South Korean President

PYONGYANG: North Korea warned the world Friday there would be no softening of its position toward South Korea’s government after Kim Jong Il’s death as Pyongyang strengthened his son and heir’s authority with a new title ‘Great Leader’.

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