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26/11 case: Pakistan judge adjourns trial for a week

ISLAMABAD: Just a day after India pushed for a speedy trial of the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack, a Pakistani anti-terrorism court Saturday adjourned for a week the 26/11 case involving seven suspects, including LeT’s Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, as prosecution witnesses were not available to record their testimony.

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Canada cuts ties with Iran

MOSCOW: Canada has frozen diplomatic relations with Iran and will expel Iranian diplomats from the country, Canadian Foreign Minister Mr John Baird has said.
Ottawa has formally listed Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism under the Justice for Victims of Terrorist Act, he said.

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Taliban may attack Pak nuclear facility

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani authorities have deployed large contingents of soldiers and policemen at one of the country's largest nuclear facilities in Dera Ghazi Khan following “serious" threats from the local Taliban, a media report said on Thursday.

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Biocompatible gel to replace damaged cartilage

WASHINGTON: Experts in mechanics, materials science and tissue engineering at Harvard have created an extremely stretchable biocompatible gel that could replace damaged cartilage in human joints. Called a hydrogel, because its main ingredient is water, the new material is a hybrid of two weak gels that combine to create something much stronger.

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Romney’s foreign policy stuck in the Cold War: Obama campaign

CHARLOTTE (NORTH CAROLINA): Democrats launched the US President, Mr Barack Obama on his uncertain bid for re-election as they opened their national convention on Tuesday. They looked to help Mr Obama recapture the hearts of Americans once drawn to his message of hope and change, but now weary after years of economic weakness and political squabbles.

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