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Bobby Jindal attacks Obama as presidential race hots up

WASHINGTON: Indian American Governor Mr Bobby Jindal has launched yet another attack on the US President by alleging that Mr Barack Obama’s re-election campaign message is “divide and blame” and not “hope and change” of his 2008 campaign.

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Reef project to boost rare native fish

ANN ARBOR: The first of nine rock reefs is under construction in the St Clair River delta northeast of Detroit. The goal of the project, which is led by Michigan Sea Grant, is to boost populations of lake sturgeon and other rare native fish by providing river-bottom rock structures where they can spawn.

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Parvez Ashraf elected as Pakistan PM

ISLAMABAD: Mr Raja Parvez Ashraf, a stalwart of the ruling PPP, was on Friday  elected by the National Assembly as Pakistan’s new Prime Minister as the country struggled to come out of its latest political crisis.

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Suu Kyi addresses UK Parliament, recalls Nehru

LONDON: Seeking international help to re-establish democracy in Myanmar, the democracy icon, Ms Aung San Suu Kyi on Thursday told British lawmakers that she looked forward to a time when her country's parliament would cherish freedom of speech as robustly as Westminster.

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Binge eaters can eat more slowly

WASHINGTON: Researchers have demonstrated in experimental models that blocking the Sigma-1 receptor, a cellular protein in the prefronto-cortical regions of the brain, reduced binge eating and caused binge eaters to eat more slowly. 

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101 dead in sectarian clashes in Nigeria

ABUJA: Atleast 101 people were killed in last three days in sectarian clashes and gun battles between soldiers and insurgents in two Nigerian cities of Damaturu and Kaduna after suicide bombers attacked three churches on Sunday.

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