Wednesday , 11 December 2019
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Indian-Americans hold demonstrations against Modi

New York: Marking the 10th anniversary of the Gujarat riots, a coalition of over 40 Indian-American bodies held a demonstration and a candle-light vigil in New York, shouting slogans against the Gujarat Chief Minister,

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Putin seeks return to Kremlin

MOSCOW: Monitored by web cameras and a network of volunteer civilian observers, Russians voted Sunday in presidential elections expected to return Mr Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin.

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UN chief fears summary executions, torture in Syria

UNITED NATIONS: UN Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-moon expressed concern about ‘grisly reports’ that Syrian government forces were arbitrarily executing, imprisoning and torturing people in the battle-scarred city of Homs, allegations Damascus sharply rejected.

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Maldives releases 11 Indian fishermen

MALE: Eleven Indian fishermen apprehended by Maldivian Navy for allegedly crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line have been released and handed over to the officials of the High Commission of India, police said Saturday.

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Putin sure of his victory in presidential vote

MOSCOW:  The Prime Minister, Mr Vladimir Putin has voiced confidence that he will win Sunday's presidential election, while bluntly dismissing opposition demands and maintaining his strong criticism of the United States.

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French President holes up in bar to escape protesters

BAYONNE (FRANCE): The French President, Mr Nicolas Sarkozy took refuge from a crowd of several hundred angry protesters in a cafe, as riot police swarmed in to protect him while he campaigned in the country's southwest Basque country.

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