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Controlling deadly tsetse fly with satellite imagery

WASHINGTON: Scientists are relying on satellite imagery to control the deadly tsetse fly, an African killer that spreads “sleeping sickness” disease among humans and animals and wipes out livestock worth USD 4.5 billion every year.

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Training immune system to fight cancer comes of age

NEW YORK: More than 100 years after researchers first explored the potential to harness the body's immune system to fight cancer, the field's leading doctors see the concept finally proving itself on a large scale in the next year or two.

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France gets new leader, Europe new direction

PARIS: France handed the presidency to the leftist, Mr Francois Hollande, a champion of government stimulus programmes who says the state should protect the downtrodden -- a victory that could deal a death blow to the drive for austerity that has been the hallmark of Europe in recent years.

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Sarkozy closes on Hollande as France elects president

PARIS: French voters went to the polls today to give their final verdict in the hard-fought presidential battle between the right-wing incumbent, Mr Nicolas Sarkozy and his Socialist challenger, Mr Francois Hollande.

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Greece votes in parliamentary elections

ATHENS: Greeks Sunday voted in crucial parliamentary elections that is expected to decide the country's future in the euro zone, and according to trends no single party is likely to gain a majority.

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