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A triangular passenger plane unveiled by NASA

WASHINGTON: A new triangular ‘passenger plane’ of the future is ready and has already undergone test flights. The super plane so far only codenamed 'X-48C' is the brainchild of the US space agency NASA which is developing it in collaboration with aviation major Boeing.

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China’s high-profile murder trial opens

BEIJING: Disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai's wife, accused of murdering a British businessman, went on trial today in a high-profile case following a major political scandal that rocked the ruling CPC and cost her husband his job.

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Pak PM advised by aides not to appear in SC

LAHORE: The Pakistan Premier, Mr Raja Pervez Ashraf has been advised by his aides not to appear in the Supreme Court in response to a notice summoning him for failing to act on its orders to revive graft cases against the President.

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Neil Armstrong recovering from heart surgery

WASHINGTON:  Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon has undergone a cardiac bypass surgery, days after his 82nd birthday and is now on the road to recovery and "doing great".

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Pakistan SC asks PM to appear on August 27

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a show-cause notice to the Prime Minister, Mr Raja Pervez Ashraf for failing to implement its order to write to the Swiss authorities to reopen corruption cases against the President, Mr Asif Ali Zardari.

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Strengthening Parliament only way forward: Pakistan PM

ISLAMABAD: The holding of free and fair elections to strengthen Parliament is the only way forward to overcome the challenges facing Pakistan, the Prime Minister, Mr Raja Pervez Ashraf has said against the backdrop of a standoff between his government and the judiciary.

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