Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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Cheese was first made 7,500 years ago

LONDON: Little Miss Muffet could have been separating her curds and whey 7,500 years ago, according to a new study that finds the earliest solid evidence of cheese-making.

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Pakistan military guilty of abuses, says Amnesty

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan military is guilty of rights abuses on the Afghan border, using new security laws and a colonial-era penal system to act with impunity, a report by Amnesty International said Thursday.

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Nurse left note, but family wants to know ‘full’ facts: Vaz

The Indian-origin nurse who apparently took her life after being duped by a prank call from two Australian radio hosts, had left a note for her family members, but they still believe there are "unexplained" circumstances behind her death, the Labour MP, Mr Keith Vaz has said.

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Egyptians asked to vote ‘no’ in plebiscite

Egypt’s military on Wednesday postponed a scheduled reconciliation dialogue between the Islamist President, Mr Mohamed Mursi and the main opposition, which in a policy shift appealed to people to vote against the controversial draft constitution in the referendum rather than boycotting.

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Oz radio to give $500,000 to Jacintha’s family

MELBOURNE/LONDON:  Facing global condemnation, an Australian radio network, whose prank call to a UK hospital treating a pregnant Kate Middleton led to an Indian-origin nurse’s death, on Tuesday said it would give at least Aus $500,000 to help the grieving family, amid calls for a full inquiry into the “tragic case”.

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