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Road to Finals: Goa host Chennaiyan in do or die match

We need to be more focused on our defense and make sure we attack, says FC Goa interim Coach Clifford Miranda. He also added that this match against Chennai will be another crucial match in this season to make our greatest comeback. Goa has a good news for its fans, key players like Edu Bedia, Hugo Boumos and Brandon Fernandes …

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Mhadei: Lost or all is well – time will tell

The Mahdei issue is getting murkier. Goa Forwards Vijai Sardesai has charged that the government is holding the ZP elections just to divert the peoples attention from the fact that the Mhadei issue as the government has mucked it up. But the chief minister says – All is well. Karnataka has made a budgetary provision of 500 crore rupees for …

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ZP elections heating up

The ZP elections are getting more and more interesting. But the decision by the Congress to give the Mauvin Godinho backed candidate in Sancoale a free reign was shocking. Also quite startling was the fact that a staunch BJP man who has even worked in the former BJP Chief Ministers Bhavesh Zambaulikar filed his nomination as independent for Rivona Constituency. …

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Trade, MLA slams govt for illegal liquor business, blame dept

There has been a lot of noise over the proposed rise in liquor. However, now elected represntatives as well those in the trade have pointed fingers at the large scale illegal liquor trade happening in the trade. In fact there have allegations of collusion between excise officials and these illegal liquor vendors. In fact Cong MLA Raginaldo Lourenco had given …

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First BJP now Congress; ZP brings our dirty linen

All is not well within the Congress too, it seems. And the ZP election seems to be the catalyst for all this dirty linen being washed in public. Earlier it was the BJP with Kiran Kandolkar and Subash Faldessai and now it is Congress firebrand Reginaldo Lourenco. Reginaldo is upset as he alleges that the Congress higher ups did not …

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AAP announces ZP candidates, BJP starts nominations

Nominations for ZP elections have slowly started pouring in. Two candidates of the BJP and one of Aam Admi Party filed their nomination on Monday, the fifth day. And AAP has also declared more names. On the other hand, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has started campaigning for ZP elections. Siddhant Dessai filed his nomination for Xeldem in the presence of …

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