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Goa’s stolen cars are traced in Belgavi

Goa’s stolen cars are traced in Belgavi. The Belgavi police burst a car theft gang. They have not ruled out the gang having partners in Goa. Belgavi police are awaiting the arrival of their counterparts from Goa to get details of the stolen cars in Goa. The accused are currently in judicial custody.

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Goa’s Swayamsevak of RSS formed its own Goa Prant

Goa’s Swayamsevak of RSS on Thursday formed its own Goa Prant, throwing open challenge to the central leadership based in Nagpur. Subhash Velingkar is the regional chief of new Goa Prant of RSS. They will not report to Nagpur till Goa Assembly election. The Goa RSS will also actively support the new political party, which BBSM will form. They have …

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