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Political battle shifts to AIIMS, Delhi

Pitru Paksh is over. Now the jockeying over portfolios and departments has started in earnest.After a lot of public posturing and alliances between BJP MLAs, Independents and allies, the game is moving to Delhi where ailing chief minister will meet some cabinet ministers on the 12 and 13 of October.

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Velingkar called to enter active politics to remove dirt from the BJP

Bharartiya Janata Party has become a dirty party. To remove this dirt from Goan politics, former RSS Goa chief Subhash Velingkar should enter active politics.This is a demand made by some former BJP leaders and activists. Before Assembly election, Velingkar had led a revolt within RSS and had also formed a political party Goa Suraksha Manch to contest election.

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GSL work causing damage to buildings: Vaddem residents

Residents of Vaddem in Vasco have complained to Vasco Police and Mormugao Municipal Council that the construction work being carried out by Goa Shipyard Limited has damaged their residences.They allege that their complaints to the police have fallen on deaf ears.In sharp contrast when GSL complained to the police against locals, a posse of police was posted near the construction …

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