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Opposition thrown out of House after MLA Rohan arrested post-midnight

Perhaps for the first time in the history of Goa, one MLA – this time Rohan Khaunte – was arrested by police after midnight and released in the morning for arguing with one BJP leader in the Assembly complex. This obviously reflected in the session. The opposition simply did not allow the proceedings since morning. It was adjourned three times. …

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Tourism is down in the dumps; has to be revived: Michael

Tourism is on the decline. Steps have to be taken to sort it out. Ports minister and MLA from the coastal belt Michael Lobo keeps on repeating this. This has got him in the bad books of the present tourism minister Babu Ajgaokar. But an unfazed Michael says that he has nothing against Babu. But there is a major problem …

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Notices to 42 mining Cos for multi-crore scam, won’t spare anybody: CM

The government will send notices to 42 mining companies within a month. Those who have been found guilty by a committee of chartered accountants. Chief minister Pramod Sawant also assured the House that nobody would be spared. Almost entire Question Hour on Tuesday was spent on discussing one single issue. Mining scam. Congress members tried to corner the BJP Government …

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Govt is broke, salaries paid through Infrastructure funds: Opposition

The opposition alleged that the government is broke, in a debt trap and had used 859 crore rupees earmarked for infrastructure to pay salaries.  It also accused the government of giving different replies to different people on questions related to the economic situation in the state.   The government is borrowing to pay off earlier interest and loans, not for infrastructure. …

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Come from China, spend 28 days in isolation ward in Goa

Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said the government has taken all precautions as far as novel Corona virus is concerned. He said people coming from China will be kept in isolation for 28 days.  The Health Minister was replying to the question by  the Leader of Opposition over precautions taken prevent spread of novel Coronavirus in Goa.  Vishwajit said there are two isolation …

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Congress created Pak for Muslims, India for Hindus, claims CM

India is for Hindus. And Pakistan is for Muslims. This is what the chief Minister Pramod Sawant said during the congratulatory motion on the amendment of the Citizens Act or CAA as it is commonly known. The chief minister Pramod Sawant vigorously defended CAA. The motion was also defended by almost all the BJP minority MLA’s.

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