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The God within

Writer, Amish, the brain behind two best sellers ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ and ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ is of the belief that god is within each one of us and for him this is an extremely empowering feeling. He added, “There are four types to god - the first which is ‘nirakar’, the one without form, second is one with ‘aakar’ or form, third is the ‘avtaar’ like Vishnu or Ram and fourth is when a man becomes god, the best example of which is Buddha. Buddha discovered the god within him.

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After the black and blue…

Janhavi Samant
He’s back in his element, ready again to play around with his palette and his melodies. So far he’s been busy, checking out his sister Bela Sehgal’s film trailer, discussing the hoardings for his upcoming production and figuring out a new TV show.

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Won’t act again

Avantika Patil 
She made many dance to her moves, and now it is her turn to give retakes until her director Bela Sehgal feels happy. Choreographer-director Farah Khan is all ready to hit the 70mm screen, but the lady seems quite fed up of the job.

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Parineeti getting pricey?

THE HitList Team
The industry grapevine is buzzing with news that post the success of her debut film Ishaqzaade, Parineeti Chopra is taking her newfound stardom a bit too seriously. While she has hiked her fee for endorsement deals, it looks like there are few takers.

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Goa’s trove of Petroglyphs


Goa, a state which is considered modern in almost every aspect of life, is actually a place where pre historic times developed. Its history is not just the 450-year-old when the Portuguese ruled this tiny state, but goes much beyond that. There are various examples of it right from the 12th Century Mahadev Temple at Tambdi Surla to the discovery of Buddhist caves in Rivona.

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The Homecoming

By Cordelia B Francis

As he locked the door to his workshop, Theodore Fernandes felt himself settle into a familiar calmness and he knew all was well. In his carefully crafted world, things were kept simple and austere. He believed nothing in life was to be met with too much exuberance.

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Dreams on paper

By Anuradha Das | NT BUZZ

Ninoshka Nadia Dias’ works of illustrative art catch the eye, whether because of the surreal aspect or fine and painstaking detailing is difficult to tell.

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Postcards of Goa…


In Splendour, Decay and Hope, the first of an eventual series of exhibitions, artist Oscar de Sequeira Nazareth looks at one of the defining architectural expressions of the Goan identity – the Indo-Portuguese house.

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Beggars’ Lunch

By Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues

any traditions are observed during wedding preparations in Goa. Though a number of them have been discontinued, may still observe the tradition of serving a meal to beggars, which is called "Bicarenchem Jevon"(Beggar’s Lunch),

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The inimitable feni

By Bhiva P Parab | NT NETWORK
Cashew was introduced by the Portuguese to Goa some five centuries back. Cashew came to this beautiful land of Goa, conquered and sent roots deep into this coastal state of India.

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