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Exploring divinity within himself

Raj Bhandare asserts architecture is the mother of all art because you are aware of artistic nuances. Raj grew up in an affluent family with artistic inclinations and has always been exposed to art for as long as he can remember. Proficient in arts and crafts in school, art was a natural calling, but chose to do his Post Graduation in architecture.

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Balancing elements

By Dr Rupa Batra
The universe is a combination of five basic elements. While constructing a building when all five basic elements of nature are considered, creative energy, electrical energy, and magnetic energy are produced.

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Astro Query

My name is Dilip Narvenkar. Kindly let me know the probable date of marriage for my daughter. Her date of birth: January 6, 1985; Time of birth: 1.45 pm; Place of birth: Panaji, Goa
Your daughter may face delay in finding a suitable match, but she will surely come across a good match between October 2013 and March 2014. Marriage may be solemnised during this period.

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The perfect cuppa!

By Mini Ribeiro
There is nothing like a cup of Darjeeling Tea, for connoisseurs of tea. The soothing aroma and delicate taste of Darjeeling tea is unparalleled. Darjeeling tea is a black tea from Darjeeling in West Bengal. Other varieties include Oolong, Green and White.

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Closet confidential

The luminescent Miriam loves garments which are very versatile, comfortable and yet very elegant with a distinction of its own. Not a fashion victim she instead believes in making a statement of her own. 

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Coisanv’s Cattle

By Damodar Mauzo; translated from the original Konkani by Augusto Pinto

Inas, after rounding up the cattle, tethered them for the night in the cowshed and entered the house by the back door.

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A rainy day retreat: Casa Susegad

By Sinead McManus
As the monsoons come alive, we are blessed to witness the revival of the countryside in Goa. Covered in lush green vegetation with local farmers tending to their crop, each sight is a picture postcard.

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Manicare now ‘manlycare’

By Poorvi Sardar | NT BUZZ

Metrosexuality is no more a ‘metro’ phenomenon as it is now common to see men spending hours pampering themselves in Panaji’s salons.

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