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Frill n fancy free

The beautiful, flamboyant, talented, awesomely excited Sonia Jaffer is someone that fashion comes to with ease and certain panache. A fuss free look with a hint of elegance comes easy to this beautiful performer.

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Pateti: A Gastronomic Feast

By Perin Ilavia
We go back in time, 1381 years, when the Zoroastrians in Iran, due to religious persecution, sailed out to the shores of India, landing in Sanjan in Gujarat.

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A Wati Wati Goan Experience

By Joe Mascarenhas
‘Wati-wati-wati…wati k ahet!’ Perhaps this will be the new mantra of a small cosy eatery recently opened in Porvorim. Hari Prabhu with his astute wife Sunita has taken a rich rewarding legacy of food forward dating back to 1932 at Kotachiwadi in Mumbai where Prabhu’s grandfather Balkrishna D Prabhu Khedpe started a ‘unique’ concept of serving typical ‘family’ style Hindu Goan food.

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A brilliant collision of influences – Casa Vagator

By Sinead McManus
Most visitors would rather choose a quiet villa nestled among the verdant fields to spend a weekend cocooned away from the heavy showers. But anyone who’s stood atop a cliff enjoying the windy spray of monsoon headway will know the glorious feeling of being on top of the world and at one with nature at the same time.

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It is not a boy-girl thing

By Poorvi Sardar | NT BUZZ

Gone are the days when the coy Indian girl sat under the remotest tree in her college campus seeking her fate sealed in flower petals, ‘he loves me, he loves me not’.

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Goans Love their Pancakes

By Mini Ribeiro

A lot can be done to give the regular pancake a twist. To flambé, pour the spirit (brandy and cherry brandy seem to be popular choices) on top of the pancake in the warm pan and then ignite. That looks exciting and it is fun to watch. I am truly fascinated by the way chefs do it.

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