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Where’s the Swagger, Guys?

By Tina Ann Desouza

Swagger like Jagger (iconic Mick Jagger, above 60 and still has it!). A man’s manner of dress is an outward sign of his inner spirit. Fashion is an inner reflection. It’s not all about wearing the ‘IT’ brand or sculpting your hair with volumes of gel, sporting in an Audi, BMW or a Merc.

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Simply Stew-pendous!

By Mini Ribeiro

know lots of people for whom - a hearty stew is their comfort food. Mine too. Can happily skip a meal and relish an aromatic stew with meat, vegetables, potatoes and onions instead.

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Exercise Your Dog

By Elizabeth Abraham

Exercise is important if you want to stay fit and healthy. The same goes for your dog too. Lack of exercise and boredom leads to unwanted behaviours like, digging, excessive barking and howling, stealing personal items, chewing on household items, obsessive behaviour like tail chasing and excessive licking to the point of self-mutilation.

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Oriental Medley

The Oriental countries, like the rest of the Asian countries have their own share of exotic dishes. The Japanese Sushi and the Chinese Dim Sum top the list of oriental dishes along with various kinds of noodles and fried rice.

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A weekend at a decadent hideaway

By Sinead McManus

We can’t be lost," I thought to myself as I negotiated my way through the road works and heavy traffic on National Highway 17. I pride myself on knowing my way around the north Goa beach belt, but having never really driven further north past Mapusa,

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‘India is trapped in its own paradoxes’

Ranjit Hoskote is a well known name in the art and literary fraternity. His writing related to art and other arenas is filled with intense research and knowledge and also his dedication towards his craft. No wonders his latest book ‘Dom Moraes: Selected Poems’ is making the right buzz among readers. It was officially released on Friday at ICG, Dona Paula by writer, Damodar Mauzo.

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