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Partners in Healing

By Elizabeth Abraham
We all know of the dogs who work actively to serve us -- those who help in law enforcement, those who find victims after a disaster, or those who assist people with disabilities.

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‘My day lasts for 36 hours’

Urmimala Banerjee
When we finally managed to catch up with Gulzar at the launch of his new music album with vocalist Bhupinder Singh, the 78-year-old veteran poet-lyricist-director was busy shooing off media persons who were requesting for one-on-ones.

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The Coconut in our curry

By Mini Ribeiro
What would we Goans do without coconut? We love it and it is an integral part of our daily diet. It is used in some form or the other in all our curries. Be it coconut milk, paste, grated, we use it all. But believe it or not, other cuisines make use of coconut too.

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A Monsoon Picnic

What does one do in the monsoons when it is raining cats and dogs? Halleluiah! One has a few choices; we decided to go for a picnic in the rain…what an adventurous thought.

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And all that ‘Spool’…

By Nolan Mascarenhas
Ok. I admit it. I enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, quite religiously. You must be thinking what a sap for romantic dramas, the highs and lows of the love affair between Dr Grey and Shepard, but contrary to popular belief I enjoy the terminologies and acronyms used by the medical fraternity on the show.

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July Gardening

Noeline Mendonsa
It is after a couple of years that we are actually witnessing the July rainfall. Not really the kind with thunder and continuous very heavy showers that my mother- in-law always spoke about, but definitely a heavier version of what we saw in the last 2 to 3 years.

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