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“If you cannot come, we’ll come to you”

Giving back to society is a thought that circulates through many minds, but few endorse it through action. The MandoviQue’s Hospitality and NRB group are taking a step to endorse this thought. They along with the Disability Rights Association of Goa (DRAG) will be organising the Mekong Food Program-Your Kitchen for the Special on October 1 at Mandovi Riviera. NT Buzz spoke to entrepreneur Anish Quenim, who is the brain behind this noble gesture.

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Cakes and More

By Mini Ribeiro

Everyone strives to be different in the kitchen. And all it takes is a bit of creativity. Cakes too can be innovative and unusual. It is the design, choice of ingredients, method of cooking and presentation that can make all the difference.

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A place to chill out

By Joe Mascarenhas

With the commencement of the season it has become very hectic, opening of new restaurants, book launches, parties, fashion extravaganzas, art exhibitions…you name it, Goa has it. I could see the stress and tension build up in my better half and so I mentioned to her that she needs time to chill out and really experience life - relaxation of the mind, body and soul.

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Common mistakes in dog training

By Elizabeth Abraham

Training dogs is a mechanical skill, one that has a solid science behind it. Just like driving a car is skill, which that takes time and lots of practice to get it right. When we set out to train our dogs we make a number of mistakes.

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We, the Kanjoos of India

By Sonal Kalra

Come of you may have read about the old woman in America who lived alone in a one-room dingy flat, wore tatters and ate leftovers given by neighbours.

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The Mother’s Side Cousin (Part 2)

By Gajanan Jog, Translated from the original Konkani by Augusto Pinto


lot of time passed in silence.

"Pushpa where do you stay?

"At Pansagalli."


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A Tribute to Goa – Vivenda dos Palhacos

By Sinead McManus

Walking out of the Vivenda dos Palhacos took great effort. Over the past day, I felt myself settle into an oasis of calm, and a glance at my travel companion reflected equal seduction. Situated down a quiet village road in Majorda – home to the beach with the most beautiful sand (only a kilometre away) – the Vivenda dos Palhacos is a grand mansion, a smartly renovated tribute to Goan architecture.

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Things People Misswhen They Becomestars… I Wonder Why

By Farah Khan

Star: I really miss my privacy.

Me: Really? Privacy? You’ve chosen to be in a profession where millions of people are going to watch you (at least you hope they will or the producer is in big trouble).

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