Wednesday , 23 October 2019
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Coisanv’s Cattle

By Damodar Mauzo; translated from the original Konkani by Augusto Pinto

Inas, after rounding up the cattle, tethered them for the night in the cowshed and entered the house by the back door.

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A rainy day retreat: Casa Susegad

By Sinead McManus
As the monsoons come alive, we are blessed to witness the revival of the countryside in Goa. Covered in lush green vegetation with local farmers tending to their crop, each sight is a picture postcard.

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Manicare now ‘manlycare’

By Poorvi Sardar | NT BUZZ

Metrosexuality is no more a ‘metro’ phenomenon as it is now common to see men spending hours pampering themselves in Panaji’s salons.

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Making veterinary visits less stressful

By Elizabeth Abraham

It is no small task to make a veterinary visit enjoyable for dogs. They come to the clinic for vaccinations or when they are sick, which, by itself, is not pleasant.

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Fish during monsoons

By Mini Ribeiro

Although most fishing boats are pulled in to dry, true-blue Goans, who cannot survive a season without fish, make an effort to procure fish. Many locals venture into sweet waters with canoes and cast their nets to catch fresh water fish or saave nuste.

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Down by the riverside

By Joe Mascarenhas

Goa has many majestic rivers but on the bank of this serene and tranquil beautiful backwater is an eatery called Joe’s River cove…. hauntingly peaceful. Joe Passanha the amiable proprietor of this terraced shack has a one liner to explain his concept… the only food and drinks haven with a unique riverside ambience…so aptly put.

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Get Your Straight Facts!

By Bina Punjani

Bina Punjani Hair Studio

No matter what type of hair you have, chances are that you have at some point of another, longed for something different. The climate in Goa tends to make our natural texture wavy, curly, or often unmanageable.

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Gourmet Grills @ Latitude

By Joe Mascarenhas

This monsoon Goa has woken to the fact that there is no ‘off season’ and that Goa rocks 365 days of the year. Young enterprising chefs are giving vent to their creative juices to titillate taste buds of the discerning gourmet.

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Memorable encounters

By Jugneeta Sudan

Which book are you reading these days, is a question I often ask people when I meet them. Sharing stories and experiences connects us to people and the cliché that books are our best friends holds true.

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Are you the ‘Ideal’ Woman?

By Poorvi Sardar | NT BUZZ
“She should be sexy looking”
“She should have a high emotional quotient”
“She should be a good cook”
“She should respect space”
These are the answers (that women pretend to ignore) to the question (that men claim they don’t have answers to, but end up giving a never ending wish list) – “who is your ideal woman?”

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