Wednesday , 22 January 2020
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The Da Luigi Code ….Unlocked

By Joe Mascarenhas
We all know about the Da Vinci code but what about the Da Luigi code? We were about to find out on January 17, 2013, when Park Hyatt, Masters of Food and Wine celebrated “International Day of Italian Cuisine” an ode to all things quintessentially Italian.

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Shout out to walking loudspeakers

By Sonal Kalra
If the volume in an argument determined the winner, those with the microphone would rule the world. Many years ago, some idiot had come up with the idea that ‘offence is the best defence’. Till date many idiots are religiously following it.

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Good Touch, Bad Touch

By Bhalchandra Gaonkar
Translated from the original Konkani by Augusto Pinto
“Sumi, come here dear…”
“What’s up Ma?” Sumi who was playing in the courtyard yelled out.

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Let’s Talk About Ex(tensions), Baby!

Bina Punjani Hair Studio
Many of us love long and/or thick hair, but not everyone is lucky or patient enough to have them. Sometimes the hair you have is just not right, or know it’ll take months to grow, and sometimes you just want long hair for a few special occasions.

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You’re on Laguna time now…

By Sinead McManus
Away from the chatter and beach umbrellas, the absence of noisy hordes was pleasantly conspicuous. The large rocks, dips in the land and flora cocoon Colomb bay between Palolem and Patnem beaches. A step away from the beach sits Laguna Vista with a string of rustic huts and a restaurant with arguably the most idyllic view of the coast.

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My Life Through Books


Mark Twain said, ‘Clothes make the man’. I would prefer to alter the quote to ‘Books make the man (or woman)’. It is a well- known notion that books inspire, act as beacons and shape personalities. Even as children,

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A breed apart

By Derek Almeida

Goa is a tourist destination that draws all sorts of characters. There are tourists who come to laze on the beach or swim in the Arabian Sea. Some get drowned.

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Writing on the Screen


The two Indian epics - ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ - were perhaps the first literary sources that helped Indian films choose their stories.

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Theresa’s Man

By Damodar Mauzo

Translated from the original Konkani by Augusto Pinto


[The Story So Far: Theresa is a beautiful woman living in a Goan village who is married to Peter an unemployed man.

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The Big Detox

Get your body back on track with the healthiest way to end the festive season and begin the New Year – a truly rejuvenating retreat at The Beach House in Sernabatim

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