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DANUSKA DA GAMA | NT NETWORK Two days before he could turn 93, I jumped at the chance to...
Frederick Noronha Doctors are in the news, and rightly so with Goa and the rest of India being badly...
Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Some months ago, Anoushka, Abhishek, Sarthak, Garvita and Rishabh wrote to me from Thapar Institute and...



Goa: September 15, 1821 A night of conspiracy and political drama

By Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues

On August 24, 1820 a revolutionary movement began in O Porto under the leadership of Fernandes Tomas, Ferreira Borges and Silva Carvalho, which spread to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, where a Junta Provisional do Governo Superior do Reino and a Junta Provisional Preparatoria das Cortes were organised.


the owners made their visit. Bhadoor managed to have everything ship shape. but the malik has news...

Mumbai, Say Thank You to Goa

From trivia to movements of historical import, you may find yourself picking out the answers in Goan Pioneers in Bombay, a new book that should interest both Goans and Mumbaikars

Marvellous Melbourne

On my last visit to Melbourne, although I am not a great cricket fan, I had to see the Melbourne Cricket Ground since that’s where our Indian teams have played many matches. It was one of the best grounds and is very well designed and maintained

Driving the point home

Delhi’s Navin Gulia hit headlines after his driving world record in ’04, but has since travelled to even more gratifying life motives, all from his wheelchair

Meals for energy

By Rohini Diniz

A part from receiving inadequate amounts of vital vitamins and minerals from ones diet, not eating meals at regular times or skipping them altogether is also a cause of fatigue. This could be either because insufficient time to eat, as a result of busy work schedules or lethargy.

Treatments for heart attack

By Dr Uday B Khanolkar and Dr Biju Ephrem

the treatment of heart attack has evolved over the decades, mirroring the rapid advances in the specialty of cardiology at large. The palliative care of the 1960s and 70s has been transformed by scientific evidence to highly effective disease modifying treatments. Re-establishing blood flow as quickly as possible remains the most important principle underlying the treatment of Heart Attack and Thrombolysis or Emergency (Primary) Angioplasty are the two principal methods.

Research On Attention Sheds Light On the Unengaged Mind

Although boredom is often seen as a trivial and temporary discomfort that can be alleviated by a simple change in circumstances, it can also be a chronic and pervasive stressor that can have significant consequences for health and well-being.


What were those ‘Italian ladies’ singing about?

By Luis Dias   The 1994 American drama film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ is one of my favourite films, and ranks #1 among the ‘Top 250 list’...

The Historic Casa do Povo de Taleigao

By Prajal Sakhardande
When you pass the historic St Michael’s Church, Taleigao what will strike you is the beautiful restoration of the painting on the wall of the Casa do Povo de Taleigao.

Protecting India’s wildlife

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi District forest officers and rangers are not trained in ecology. Ecology means the interrelationship of all...

Remembering Goan music, in another continent

Frederick Noronha Some twenty years ago, maybe a bit more, I imagined Basilio Magno to be a rather elderly...