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DANUSKA DA GAMA  NT NETWORK The ‘good news’ brings joy to a couple and their families. There’s planning for...
Frederick Noronha It looks like it was just the other day, but this was a good 35 years ago. I...
Nandkumar M Kamat People who have no knowledge of taxonomy, ecology, biology and conservation status of any wild edible...



Examination diet

By Rohini Diniz

These days’ students are in the peak of their exams and whether in school or college, students experience some degree of physical or mental stress. Moderate levels of stress, challenge a student to do his or her best thereby helping one to keep learning and growing, but too much of stress affects work, mood and physical wellbeing. Since stress weakens the body, it is very important to eat the right kind of food to stay healthy. So during examination days keep the following dietary tips in mind:

An Indian mycologist in Thailand

By Dr Nandkumar M Kamat

It is a rare honour for Indian scientists when they get invitations from foreign countries to teach there. Eminent tropical and Indian mycologist, Professor D J Bhat, former professor and head of Goa University’s Botany Department and former Dean, recently returned from a very exciting visit to Thailand after completing a 5-month assignment as Visiting Professor at the scenic Mae Fah Luang University.

Formula One continues to thrill India…

By Rohit Bhandiye


The response was lukewarm this time unlike last year for the inaugural Indian Grand Prix. However the buzz, excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the race were pretty good in a cricket crazy country. As usual there were the Grid Girls, Sebastian Vettel, Narain Karthikeyan, Bollywood and cricketing celebrities and the large number of Indian fans who turned the event into a great success.

Portugal, Busting the Euro Myth

Euro, which was expected to be one of the strongest currencies in the world, besides uniting all European nations, achieved both tasks within a decade after its introduction in almost all these nations.

Advocating my case

By Karan Thapar

Why were you picking on Arvind Kejriwal last week?’ Pertie asked, somewhat testily. "He’s done the right thing by drawing attention to Robert Vadra’s accounts and properties and he’s raised very legitimate questions.

Nailing Down the Elusive Goan Vote

What upsets me is that not one outfit bothers to tell us how Goans in the USA are going to vote, even though there are thousands of us here, ready with our opinions, just waiting to be asked

A Rashomon moment

as a television journalist-turned-temporary-viewer, my surprise at the success of news networks moulded by political inclinations, is mostly to do with wondering why it should be interesting to the consumer.

Kejriwal’s unusual brand of politics

By Tomazinho Cardozo

Politics in India is undergoing a change – a change that is trying to expose hidden wrong doings of politicians and their kin. It started with the "India Against Corruption’ (IAC) movement led by Anna Hazare.


Siddharth Bandodkar: A beloved son of Goa

By Prajal Sakhardande
It was a fairy tale wedding. The year was 1975.
Siddharth Bandodkar the promising and only son of Goa’s first chief minister, Bhausaheb Bandodkar wed Hindi film actress Leena Chandavarkar on December 8, 1975 at Mumbai. It made national news.

Avocado lessons

Frederick Noronha An elderly neighbour planted this tree, probably well over a decade ago. We didn’t think much of it then. Time flew by; after...

What were those ‘Italian ladies’ singing about?

By Luis Dias   The 1994 American drama film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ is one of my favourite films, and ranks #1 among the ‘Top 250 list’...

Say You Love Me, Mehbooba!

Luis Dias   In the late 1990s, a foreign tourist befriended me. I no longer remember his name or which European country he came from (I...