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Science at Goa University

By Dr Nandkumar Kamat

his article is dedicated to the vision and mission of the Vice Chancellor of Goa University, Prof Dilip Deobagkar who completes three years as Vice Chancellor. Under his leadership, science at Goa University is flourishing. Physics, electronics, earth sciences, chemistry, botany, zoology, marine sciences, biotechnology and microbiology -all are doing well in teaching and research.

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Are Argentina the new Brazil?

By Jonathan Stevenson

areful who you say this to in South America, but something strange seems to have happened at the start of this World Cup: Argentina have become the new Brazil.

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Mercy Petitions

By Joginder Singh
When I was in service I wanted some orders on an important file, which at least appeared important to me. I had a very good pleasant and hospitable boss, who believed more in gossiping, tossing papers up and down, and socialising rather than working.

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Chinese Women Striding Ahead

By Ma Guihua
As China steps up its pace of urbanisation, more and more women are moving into the cities to work their way up the corporate and social ladder. It’s not uncommon to see expensively dressed women, sporting a Louis Vuitton handbag in one hand and a Blackberry in the other,

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The Saga of Tagore Paintings

By Shekhar Phadnis
Much furore has been raised by Sotheby’s offering for sale 12 paintings by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, with a total reserve price of British pounds 250000 (Rs 18 millions). There are two reasons for this commotion.

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When I Met Mickky…

By Mário Cabral e Sá
What Mickky Pacheco does not know about women, call them ladies if you like, is not worth the bother. When years back an NRI mission headed by its commissioner officially visited Bahrain,

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More than Just Child’s Play

By Marilia Priyanka Fernandes
Little kids entertain us a lot with their talk and behaviour. Parents watch with great amusement and joy as their little ones curiously explore their environment, discover the wonders of speech and play.

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Care for your Eyes Naturally

By Dr Kasturi Desai
The eyes are said to be the windows to good health. They reflect all your emotions, be it anger, joy or sadness. It is one organ that is always exposed to the external environment and we really do not care about its health unless we have a real problem.

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