Monday, June 21, 2021


DANUSKA DA GAMA  NT NETWORK The ‘good news’ brings joy to a couple and their families. There’s planning for...
Frederick Noronha It looks like it was just the other day, but this was a good 35 years ago. I...
Nandkumar M Kamat People who have no knowledge of taxonomy, ecology, biology and conservation status of any wild edible...



A Dismal Infrastructure

By Patricia J Pereira-Sethi

I applied for my aadhaar card in early summer, July to be precise. I am still awaiting its arrival. No one seems to know if and when it will come. Initially they said it would reach my residence within two months, but now they have backtracked into a blur of six--or perhaps eight moons--more.

Protector Saint

By Khushwant Singh

Protector saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya may be regarded as the patron saint of Delhi. His ever-lasting message to all who look on Delhi with evil eyes "Hunooz Dilli Door Ast — Delhi is still a long way away", can never be forgotten.

Words and Pictures

By Jugneeta Sudan

Man has always tried to record his experiences and impressions through writings and drawings. Classics were authored by poets of antiquity and writings were preserved through different mediums and substratum.


By Rajiv Makhni

I know I was supposed to write about my behind-the-scenes experience at ‘KBC’ this week. Well, without elaborating too much on the reasons why, all I can say is that it’s been delayed to next week.

Demystifying petroglyphs of Kudopi Shamans

By Dr Nandkumar M Kamat

What would I have done as a shaman in prehistoric time after having a profound spiritual vision or encountering a trans-like state when I had no idea of language or script?

This is not the dawn we dreamt of

By Syeda Hameed
The recent arrest of two young girls in Maharashtra — Shaheen Dhada and Rinu Srinivasan — for posting and liking a Facebook comment questioning the shutdown in Mumbai for Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray’s funeral reminded me of an incident that happened a few years after Independence and Partition.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions…

By Leila Badyari
A recent article in a local daily highlighting the issue of children from Apna Ghar sent to the Institute of psychiatry and human behaviour (IPHB) Goa, to correct their ‘bad behaviour’, clearly demonstrates the lack of sensitivity and awareness of the state run agencies in Goa.

When life is cheap

By Karan Thapar
If ever you needed proof that Indian governments take their soldiers for granted — requiring them to uncomplainingly lay down their lives but thereafter ignoring if not, actually, forgetting them — you can find it in shocking abundance in the story of Captain Saurabh Kalia and his five comrade soldiers who were captured by Pakistani forces whilst patrolling the Kargil area in May 1999.


What were those ‘Italian ladies’ singing about?

By Luis Dias   The 1994 American drama film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ is one of my favourite films, and ranks #1 among the ‘Top 250 list’...

Siddharth Bandodkar: A beloved son of Goa

By Prajal Sakhardande
It was a fairy tale wedding. The year was 1975.
Siddharth Bandodkar the promising and only son of Goa’s first chief minister, Bhausaheb Bandodkar wed Hindi film actress Leena Chandavarkar on December 8, 1975 at Mumbai. It made national news.

Decoding the Maratha Identity

Tensing Rodrigues We had said earlier that while the Deccan ksatriya and kunbi identities among the Christians in Goa...

Protecting India’s wildlife

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi District forest officers and rangers are not trained in ecology. Ecology means the interrelationship of all...