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Mamata Express

By Khushwant Singh

he spectacular victory of Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress in the recently-held municipal committee’s polls will have far-reaching ramifications in the politics of the country. As the saying goes: "When Bengal sneezes, India catches a cold", she has written the last paragraph of a saga of over three decades of Marxist rule in West Bengal.

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Life Through the Lens

What inspired you to get into photography?

Well, I started my career in designing and advertising. I was also a freelance desk top publisher and required photographs for publishing. This gave me the idea of learning photography myself. Although I had an affinity for clicking photographs and had started clicking at the age of 15, I wanted to learn the finer points and this made me join a basic course in visual art photography. This was for a month’s duration and it gave me the knowledge which I was searching for.

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Would We Last for Only 100 Years?

This is a wake up call for young parents. The coming decades would be the toughest for the children and their children. So it makes sense to prepare them to face a very disturbing future in a different world. Nature shows no mercy to anyone. We have entered an age called Anthropocene. Geologists do not recognise it officially - for them we are still in holocene.

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Far from Empowerment

By Pamela Philipose

 First a reminder. Let’s rewind to that heady dawn of May 2004 when Indian Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, first came to power. The preamble of the National Common Minimum Programme his United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government had unveiled was rife with the rosy tints of that moment.

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Rare Copy of the US Declaration of Independence found in Shimla

By Antony Kuriakose

 In April 2010 there was a news item that in Shimla, the owner of Maria Bros, a local bookshop, had found neatly tucked among stacks of old books of his shop an unusual document – a parchment that is one of the few surviving original printed copies of the American declaration of independence, drafted by no less than Thomas Jefferson,

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Democracy’s Kings

By V Y Kantak

What is of relevance to us is the question of the great Indian state and the legitimacy it seemingly enjoys to do and claim all the things it does. What gives it such unassailable rights over our wealth, lands and resources?

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Politics Goa Style

By Mário Cabral e Sá

Six months from the day I am filing this column (19/06) it will be fifty years since the Portuguese were ousted from Goa, Daman and Diu by the Indian armed forces, liberated politically speaking, conquered in reality, and as settled, once and for all,

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Modern Concepts of Raising Children

By Tomazinho Cardozo

The family plays an important role in the development of the society. Earlier family and family alone were responsible for the growth of mankind. The family was responsible for bringing up children.

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Dhempe College Foundation Day

By Prajal Sakhardande

he Portuguese left Goan shores in December 1961. Save the Escola Medica, the colonists left no legacy of higher degree education. Hence, the onus of founding a degree college in the Humanities and Sciences fell upon Goans.

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