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Honey: The Nectar of Life

By Dr Kasturi Desai
One by-product of flowers from plants that has a lot of curative and nutritional value is honey. Honey as all of us know is the sweet yellowish, red or dark red liquid produced by honey bees. The colour differs as the source of the honey is from different flowers.

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Get Creative – Now!

By Marilia Priyanka Fernandes
Stuck in the same routine every day? Fed up of doing the same thing every single day at work? Tired of eating almost the same menu all the time?

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Unhappy Memories

By Khushwant Singh
Recollections of happy events fade from memory in a few years; hurtful episodes rankle in the mind for ever. I can recall a few which continue to disturb my siestas.

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Sigiriya…. the Ajanta of Sri Lanka

By M J Raju
The creative mastermind behind this ‘Lion Rock’ fortress was King Kasyapa, who reigned from 477-495 AD. The son of King Dhatusena, born to a non-royal consort, Kasyapa was keen to prevent his younger half-brother Moggallana, born of royal blood, from ascending the throne.

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Gene Hunters Promote Medical Data Piracy

By Nandkumar M Kamat
There is a lot of medical data piracy from Goa to foreign countries taking the benefit of the lack of data safety policies, rules and vigilant surveillance mechanisms.

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End of the Media

By Derek Almeida
The new Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar is serious about governance. All new chief ministers are serious, until they learn how easy it is to get away with petty larceny, robbery and theft.

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A Journey in Time

A cycling trip in Berlin, the "Third Reich tour", took us through various episodes leading to and during the WWII. Our guide’s interactive style made us feel as if we were living the events

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Dak Bungalow Tourism

If you are living in India, are fond of trekking or are part of the Government service, then the word Dak Bungalow will strike a note in your mind immediately. Well, in very simple terms these are the government guest houses, usually in small towns or remote localities where even today no hotels exist. They are a refuge to trekkers and poor government servants on duty who by virtue of their passion or work have to visit these forsaken places

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Goa at large is still a very understudied region: Alexander Henn

By Frederick Noronha

Why did you choose this topic? How would you explain it briefly to someone not aware of it?

Well, I have selected to research the Goan Jagor for a few reasons: first, it is an old and vibrant cultural expression of the Goan

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