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Butter Chicken

By Lourdes Britto


Chicken 1 kg skinned boned and diced, curd 150 ml, almonds 50 gms crushed, cinnamon 1/4 tsp crushed, cloves 1/4 tsp crushed, bay leaves 1/4 tsp crushed, green cardamom 4, ginger pulp 1 tsp, garlic pulp 1 tsp, tomato 400 gms chopped, onion 2 chopped, fresh coriander 2 tbsp chopped, fresh cream 4 tbsp, chilli powder 1 1/2 tsp, garam masala powder 1 tsp, corn oil 1 tbsp, butter 75 gms, salt as per taste


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It’s a ‘fiesta’ all the way

by Odette and Joe Mascarenhas

In the heart of Baga’s activity, a long pebbled pathway bordered by swaying palms leads you to a restaurant, lanterns swaying in the breeze as they hang from tress, candle lights fluttering in their glass chimneys tables set under a canopy of stars. Romance? Yes the place is created for it… the décor says it all…Joe’s anticipation began to mount….no not for romance.

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Love, Betrayal, Forgiveness: ‘Nisha’ has it all

By Nadia D’Silva
The Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat, while serving as the guest of honor at the public screening of ‘Nisha’ a directorial undertaking by Neville Pereira, revealed that budgetary provisions were made to give the Goan film industry a boost

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‘Goa is a perfect place for writers’

José Luís Peixoto can be easily mistaken for a college student but strike up a conversation with him and you will change your opinion. He is rooted, thoughtful, both of which are well reflected in his writings.

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The Talent Show Craze

By Smita Deodhar
Mumbai:  ‘Hi, I am Kavya Walia....I am 9 years old....I love dance....I have participated in many events for dance and stood first, and, rarely, second position.....know I am looking forward at a platform to explore my talent.

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Summer Trends

By Meher Castelino
Here are the style trends that you will see on the shelves for women’s and men’s wear as well as kids clothing.

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The Concept of Art

Conceptual artiste, Aruna Whitte’s recent exhibition consists of paintings, silkscreen prints, collage, and watercolours. However, there are three dominant influences in her works. They are the abstract, the conceptual and the mathematical.

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By the Way… its AJ’s

By Odette and Joe Mascarenhas
The English language….confusing is it not? I am talking about the title of this article. AJ’s is not based on the phrase - ‘By the Way’ or perhaps it is. Golly…it could be impact of the CHOGM house which houses both ‘By the Way’ and ‘AJ’s’.

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