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Healers and Dealers

By Khushwant Singh

If all the professions, healing the sick is regarded as the noblest. Jesus was a healer — Isa Masih. He could heal people by the mere touch of his hand. He did not charge any fees for doing so.

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The Medicinal Uses of Flowers

By Dr Kasturi Desai

Flowers are an all time favourite. Besides their uses in worship, expressing love and respect, their uses in medicines are innumerable. Some of the flowers may be cultivated but many of the wild flowers also have medicinal values.

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The Dizzy Heights

By Shweta Patwardhan

Although Leh itself is a dusty town with little to commend itself for, there are some gorgeous gompas – Thikse, Hemis, Spituk, Stakna and Shey – all within a day’s drive, not to mention the busy Leh market where one can find very interesting Buddhist and Central Asian artefacts and the most authentic Tibetan food outside Tibet.

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A Complete Performer

How did you begin your career in tiatrs?

At a young age of seven or eight when I was in St Andrew’s school at Goa Velha, I had already shown inclination to act and sing. Later when I joined Fr Agnels School at Pilar,

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Spain Prevail Over Shamed Dutch

Spanish captain Iker Casillas lifted the World Cup as all of Spain celebrated the first World Cup triumph in their history.

And justice was done at the end of a match in which Holland should have lowered their heads in shame.

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Indian Ocean Rising for Real

By Dr Nandkumar M Kamat

oa’s coastline could vanish in a few years and then would follow the permanent inundation of the Khazan lands thus displacing more than 300 thousand people.

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Indonesian Zest

By Odette and Joe Mascarenhas

I must admit that I have never been very adventurous where Indonesian cuisine is concerned, a mindset that stems from my love for Pan Asian cuisine. So here we were seated at the Marriott to embark on a journey of sorts, an adventure for our taste buds.

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Saif Ali Khan put his generosity on extravagant display during the Moroccan schedule of Agent Vinod. The actor-producer didn’t just book private villas but also threw a wrap party for his entire cast and crew at an exclusive, very expensive nightclub in Marrakech.

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Mr & Ms Youth Eye Goa Pageant 2010 on July 18

The ‘Mr & Ms Youth Eye Goa Pageant 2010’ will be held on July 18 at the Taleigao community hall from 6.30 p.m.  A total of 11 participants will compete in the pageant. The winners will then take part in the national level pageant.

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