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Cross Border Love

By Zofeen T Ebrahim
“She will not be able to pursue her dreams,” observes Karachi-based Shirin Imani, about Indian tennis star Sania Mirza’s recent marriage to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik amidst much controversy and media hype.

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Changing face of Vat Pournima

Monsoons rejuvenate the mind and soul. This season is marked with a series of festivities–yesterday was Sao Joao and today is Vat Pournima.

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Aging Successfully on a Rocking Chair

By Amita Quenim
A time in life, when all needs is to count on destiny, is old age. It is a time when you are answerable to yourself, for the good or bad you think you have done to others and to yourself. I would call it a time when you cannot escape through a hidden door.

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Dhothi-Pant Evolution

By Radhika Simon
Yes trouser options for women have gone multi-fold this year. Indian designers have gone a step further and as though the harem pant was not enough, they re-invented the ‘dhothii’ pant, and one key silhouette that is getting prominence is dhoti pants for women. Sorry guys, what was traditionally your drape is now gracing women’s wardrobes.

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Masci’s Corner – Fit for an Emperor

Chef Pradhan of Goenchin recommends
Chinese imperial food dates back to slave society. Ever since there were emperors and palaces, there has been imperial food, which was served mainly to the emperors, their wives and concubines, and the royal families.

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Rohit Barker set to play at the Sao Joao Grind

In Goa after a gap of 6 months, Rohit Barker is back here to do what he does best – play mind-blowing music.  Marienelle DSouza caught up with Rohit as he gets set to put the DJ console on fire today at Riviera De Goa for the Tuborg Sao Joao Grind.

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First WorldKonkani Cultural Convention held

The Launching Ceremony of the First World Konkani Cultural Convention was held with great grandeur. The chief guest on the occasion was, Minister for Tourism and Infrastructure, Government of Karnataka, Mr G Janardhana Reddy.

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VIVA, Sao Joao


 The monsoon covers Mother Earth once again with a lush green carpet. Man and animal alike, who have waited long for the rains, are rejoicing. Seeds have germinated, seasonal flowers bloomed, and these have brought a soothing joy to all.

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Remembering St John the Baptist


We all know that Sao Joao signifies the moment when St John the Baptist leapt for joy in the womb of his mother. To mark this occasion, people jump in wells as a symbolic gesture.

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Sao Joao: Keeping it traditional

By Clara Rodrigues

Nearly every festival has a typical food associated with it. And so when the special event is round the corner the buzz in the kitchen gets louder than usual. The scene is not any different when we talk of Sao Joao.

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