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Barefaced Liars bare it all


“Goans have a fine taste for western music. They are mature enough to understand the varied blend of musical genres,” is how the members of Barefaced Liars, the Delhi-based band describe the people of the state. Down in Goa to perform at the Nokia India Music Fest at a restaurant in Sinquerim, the band are travelling around the country to promote their debut album titled ‘Barefaced Liars’.

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Nail Care Special

By Aroona Reejhsinghani

Beautiful hands hold the admiring attention of the people around you. Well cared for hands and nails create an impression of spruceness and smartness. With beautiful hands you should have beautiful nails but pretty hands are often marred by brittle and weak nails.

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“Goa is a surrogate for other things, making Goans end up as others”

By Ramnath N Pai Raikar

Francisco Veres Machado, a Portuguese scholar-turned-filmmaker will screen ‘The Other’, his documentary about Goan identity at the residence of the Consul General of Portugal, on February 11, 2011. In an exclusive interview with ‘The Navhind Times’, he speaks about Goa and its journey since December 19, 1961, on the cultural front; Goans as visualised by the rest of the world, and Goans themselves; and finally, the Goan struggle to search, protect and preserve their identity.

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Projections of Reality

By Perin Ilavia

A group show with four relatively young artists from Sangli held their exhibition at Kala Academy recently. Titled 'Heritage', the works project nature, still life, seascape and landscape, architecture, and portraiture.

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Globalisation of Curry


Curry belongs to Indian cuisine and our gourmets state that there are nearly 200 authentic curries in India ranging from the Chettinad chicken curry of South India to the Yakhni mutton curry of Kashmir  From Page 1

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Fogs that Cloud the Mind

By Dr Ida Rose Miller Mukherjee
Every one of us feels sad one time or the other; some time there are reasons sometimes not. This is normal provided one recovers within a short time. Sadness, when it comes from all possible situations, persons, reasons, becomes consistent and a part of one’s thought and personality,

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Career Leap

By Ranjana Kakodkar
I am doing second year B Com and want to do a course in wealth management. Kindly give me the details on the course.

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Hans Vermeersch and his fascination with Indian music

Listening to Hans Vermeersch solo violin recital of songs composed by Rabindranath Tagore was like listening to the music of rainfall. Down in Goa, to perform at the Monte Music festival, Hans Vermeersch from Belgium says of his performance, “At the festival, I played whatever came to mind.” It was an extempore treat of sheer elegance and grandeur.

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Aging Successfullyon a Rocking Chair

By Amita Quenim
A time in life, when all needs is to count on destiny, is old age. It is a time when you are answerable to yourself, for the good or bad you think you have done to others and to yourself. I would call it a time when you cannot escape through a hidden door.

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Working towards the promotion of art

By Clara Rodrigues and Arti Das | NT NETWORK
The interactive session hosted by the representatives of India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) at the Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts brought together artists and art lovers on a common platform.

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