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Celebrating with colours

Carnival of Colours 2011, celebrating Ruchika’s Art Gallery’s Fourth Anniversary brings together some of the Goa’s best artistic talents.

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Heterogenous Visions

By Perin Ilavia
Art Chamber at Calangute will preview a group show, ‘Heterogeneous Visions’, a collection of works in oil and acrylic on silk and canvas with artists from Orissa, on February 27.

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Marriages Are Still Traps For 21st Century Women

By Deepti Priya Mehrotra
Do divorced/separated women in India have a right to marital property? How do they support themselves especially if they are among the 74.3 per cent full-time housewives with no independent source of income? Many need to support not only themselves but also their children.

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Beyond the Indian Look

By Dhanvanti Keshavrao
Till very recently, when you thought of an ethnic look in Indian fashion, the first thing that came to mind was the saree or ghagra choli with the usual accessories of bangles and bindi.

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The Forgotten Kosambi

By Mário Cabral e Sá

Obviously, he was referring to his father Dharmanand Damodar Kosambi. The great Pali scholar, was born on October 9, 1876 at Sancoale, home to Vaishnavite Brahmins who arrived in Goa in the early migratory batches that sat foot in Goa when their holy river up north silted and desertified, rendering their fields uncultivable.

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Why Munni is Infamous in India

By Zeenat Zafar

The ire against jeans is not about a piece of apparel but about changing socio-cultural attitudes. Three weeks ago, a khap panchayat (caste council) in Bhenswal village, Uttar Pradesh, issued a diktat banning girls from wearing jeans.

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A Temple of One Crore Shivalingas

By Shekher Phadnis

Shiva Lingam is the holy symbol of Lord Shiva that is considered quite sacred and worshipped with devotion. The Sanskrit word lingam means symbol, so Shiva lingam means symbol of Shiva.

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