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Dhempe College celebrates its Golden Jubilee

For the Golden Jubilee year 2011-2012 celebration of the Dempo Charities Trust’s Dhempe College of Arts and Science, held at NIO, Dona Paula, the chief guest, professor D B Deobagkar said that the education system should be changed.

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Installation ceremony of Rotary Club, Panaji

The Rotary club of Panaji had their installation ceremony recently. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr Sachin Menon, well-known Rotarian from Kolhapur. Mr Prasad Pawar was installed as the eight president of the club. Ms Madhavi Bandekar Shetye was installed as the secretary. The entire Board of Directors took oath also.

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Balancing The Scales—Groundbreaking Legal Cases That Have Changed Women’s Lives

The first ‘Progress of the World’s Women’ Report brought out by the new UN entity, UN Women, focuses on justice. In this telling extract from the Report, we bring you four stories of women who refused to stay silent in the face of injustice, who persisted in spite of overwhelming obstacles to use all legal avenues available in pursuit of their cause, and ended up changing the world.

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Staying sun safe

With various advertisements cautioning the beauty conscious not to step out of the home without the mandatory application of sunscreen powered with healthy doses of SPF, which vouches to create a protective barrier against the harmful rays of the sun, ‘The Navhind Times’ got talking to a few doctors about sunscreens, SPFs and organic alternatives

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Spice up your life

By Joe Mascarenhas

If you want to relax, unwind, in other words basically chill out, where do you head? A spa? That is the in thing these days, but if you want to add some zing in your life what do you do? The taste buds were yearning for a workout and so it was decided to head for Spice Goa.

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Modern Avataras of Age Old Sari

By Dhanvanthi Keshavrao
The new generation of designers are taking care that the age old sari - Sita’s legacy and Draupadi’s pride - does not die out, by bringing in innovations that would have scandalised our grandmothers.

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Rise of New India

The Goa born Dr Eugénio Viassa Monteiro, who is the co-founder of the leading Portuguese Business School, AESE in Lisbon, is all set to release a book titled, ‘Rise of India’ that focuses on the positive side of the country.

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Nearing a landmark

The Dhempe college of Arts and Science, a college managed by Dempo Charities Trust was founded in 1962, only six months after Goa was liberated from the Portuguese colonial rule.

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