Tuesday , 10 December 2019
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Samsung Galaxy Tab Hands-on

By Rohan Naravane
The first tablet from a big manufacturer hits Indian shores and we tell you our initial impressions about it Samsung has released their first tablet device - the Galaxy Tab - in India.

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Making Sweet Music

How did the band L’ace come about?
I have been playing for well over 40 years. I was with the band Les Vandals initially and then shifted to the band Strangers. However, wishing to have my say in decisions and opinions, I decided to form a band of my own. My band has completed 18 years and I hope we will be here for a long time to come.

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How Chinese Fireworks Reached Goa

By Dr Nandkumar M Kamat
The whole week of Divali would see dazzling fireworks displays. The children just can’t wait to use the crackers, fountains, rockets or bombs. All over Goa, various items of fireworks are collectively known by the Portuguese word – ‘fog’ from the Portuguese word ‘fogos’.

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The Perfect Man for the Job

By Sanjay Manjrekar
Anil Kumble’s decision to get into cricket administration needs to be lauded for many reasons. Not least because he is actually contesting the election. Most cricketers like to be offered the job.

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Concert with the legendary Jazzy Joe at Goa Chitra

Goa Chitra will celebrate its first anniversary with ‘The Great Music Revival’. India's senior most jazz musician Joe Pereira better known as ‘Jazzy Joe’ or the jazz king of Calcutta, who will make his offering of musical symphony to his forefathers in this concert.

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Breaking Up News: Women Are Still Read Less, Seen Less, Heard Less

By Sonal Kellogg

Gender equality in the media has been an important goal, yet one that has remained elusive. But things may be slowly changing if we are to go by the findings of the Global Media Monitoring Project 2010 (GMMP 2010), which reveals that the presence of women in the media is gradually improving.

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The Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment

Long and beautiful hair is always considered as a symbol of beauty. Everybody loves to have healthy and shiny hair. But in todays busy world we seldom get time to give our hair the proper care and attention it actually requires.

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Spreading the sparkle of Diwali


Diwali, the eagerly awaited festival, is here. For many, it’s a time to take a break from a hectic work schedule and spend time with family and friends. For the young it’s an opportunity to let go of their spunky, glam side and immerse in the traditions of celebrations. ‘The Navhind Times’ speaks to a few celebrities from Goa on the festive occasion… 

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Sports Management A Serious Career Option

By Ranjana Kakodkar

One may not be a sportsman but one can surely contribute and be in the world of sport as part of the sports management team. The various events in sport like World Cup, Hockey Tournaments, Football Championship,…the list is endless…the sports enthusiast enjoy watching due to the tireless efforts of sports management team.

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For the love of a child


Comedian Agostinho has released ‘Godfather’ a tiatr which depicts the contrasting relations of the godfather. This is a story of Nicolau, a poor garbage collector working for the municipality. One day he finds a baby in the garbage bin and does not know what to do with the child.

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