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‘Mamma Mia’! It’s an Italian Home Kitchen Food Festival


“La cucina piccola fal la casa grande,” so goes an Italian proverb, which means “A small kitchen makes the house big.” And that’s how most of the traditional kitchens in Italy, in spite of their limited sizes make the houses seem larger, at least in terms of gastronomically rich delights. It’s simply a culinary magic.

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Nativity: Celebrating Children

By Glenn Costa | NT NETWORK

Come September 8, the Marian traditions of Goan Catholic population come to the fore as Nativity or Birth of the Mary the mother of Jesus Christ is celebrated in the state with great fervour.

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Empty calories for the brain

By Neha S Wader

The video wave has swept too far. It bears a large responsibility for the declining interest in reading among the youth. If something is not done to stem the tide, the reading impulse will be drowned.

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Tiatr Artistes Remembered

“In the 119 years history of tiatr, stalwarts of tiatr stage like Saib Rocha, Minguel Rod,               C Alvares, Alfred Rose and others have immensely contributed to the development of tiatr, its song and music and hence it is the duty of the present generation of tiatr lovers to pay respect and tributes to the dedicated service rendered by these stalwarts of tiatr stage” stated the president of Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG), Mr Tomazinho Cardozo.

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The essence of passion

Exhibitors mark

In a chat with the young Chandan D Gaonkar, who was recently awarded with the International Exhibitors Honour, Bronze Grade by the India International Photographic Council (IIPC) New Delhi, we learn about his passion for photography amongst other things

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Much ado about TSF Uniforms

PANAJI:  The internationally reputed Goan Fashion Guru, Wendell Rodricks has said that he would be more than happy to design uniforms for the staff of the newly formed Tourist Security Force (TSF), and government willing to spare some time, he could come out with impressive designs.  

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Adding humour to life

Better known as Comedian Supremo Humbert, Humbert Fernandes, a veteran on the tiatr stage has been acting for the last 30 years. Times have changed says Humbert as he cites how people’s tastes have altered.

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Music & More

The commercial home music studios in Goa have never faced competition of any sorts. They have been the ready answer to small budget music producers who find traveling to Mumbai to record a song an expensive proposition.

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