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The Impact of Technology on Society

Technology has also provided improved machines for ploughing, sowing, watering, thrashing, etc. This has enabled the farmer to cut and thrash the field harvest in a day or two reducing the chances of spoilage. Transport facilities too have improved. It becomes easier for the farmer to transport his crop to different destinations. Technology has provided occupational mobility to village society. They do not depend only on agriculture. After attaining suitable technical know-how, the villagers shift to other occupations

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The Rituals of Navratri

By Vinayak Khedekar

In Goan religious and cultural scenario, the first half of the Hindu month Ashwin, (September-October) has a chain of auspicious events and festivals. In which Navratri is concerned mainly with the middle-class fold of the society. Other noteworthy events of the period are Lalita panchmi, Mahalaxmi, Sarasvati pujan and Kojagiree.

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Gratitude is not an Attitude

By Sadhguru

What is gratitude? If we peel open our eyes properly and look around at the way life is going on, if you are able to clearly see all that is involved to make your life happen, you cannot help but be grateful...

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The Secret to Beauty, Naturally

By Dr Kasturi Desai

yurveda is a science which gives complete knowledge for long life. It stresses a balance of three elemental energies which is referred to as: vāta that is air and space or wind, pitta is fire and water or bile and kapha which is water and earth or phlegm. According to ayurvedic medical theory, the balancing of these three energies leads to healthy life. This branch of medicine stresses the use of plant-based medicines and treatments.

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The Retribution

By J M Ovelil

Tony was badly in need of a job to make his living. So, he gladly accepted the offer for a teacher’s post, in Good Shepherd High School, soon after graduation. Within a short time he realised that teaching was an enjoyable and satisfying profession meant for him.

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Good Reading

By Khushwant Singh

About two years ago I wrote about a collection of poems of Smita Agarwal of Allahabad. I was charmed by her style of writing poetry. It was irreverent, humorous and full of sarcasm. I guessed she was the wife of a Judge of the High Court. A second collection of her poems has just been published in England.

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Historic Philadelphia

Today Philly is a city where the old and contemporary live in perfect harmony. It is a popular city for Hollywood to film its award winning films like "Philadelphia" starring Tom Hanks and movies by many other Hollywood directors too.The shopping and the theatres are a big attraction of Philly along with its many historic sights which are a great tourist attraction

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Bands are Here to Stay

Caje Fernandes on the bass guitar, Clifford Mascarenhas on the keyboards, Paul Po on the lead guitar and Kevin Xavier on the drums, Clixs is a band which is here to stay. Having started off this year itself, the individual band members had formerly been part of different bands. Cedric Silveira in conversation with Kevin


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How to Create Man-eater Tigers in Goa

The proposal of the Mahadayi tiger reserve is cited as a one shot legal remedy to stop river water diversion, construction of dams, mini hydel projects and open cast-iron-ore mining leases impacting the environment. Huge foreign funding for the Mahadayi tiger reserve is the carrot being dangled to lure the unsuspecting people. All this is a part of an interesting international game, a well-timed move, an eco-thriller in Michael Crichton style

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The Misfit who Thrived

By Sidharth Monga

The enduring feature of Rahul Dravid’s ODI cricket is sweat. Those sapping subcontinent evenings. The blue of that shirt considerably darker than the trousers. The neckerchief. Sweat dripping as if from a hose concealed inside the helmet.

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