Saturday , 19 October 2019
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The Ramlila of Benares

By M J Raju
Navaratri symbolizes different type of celebrations in different regions of India. While the general theme is the Victory of Good over Evil, in South, West and parts of East India the emphasis on the Divine Mother aspect of Kali.

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Tinsel girl Isha Koppikar to grace Dandia competition

VASCO- Nivedam, a social, cultural and sports club from New-Vaddem, Vasco will be organising its third all Goa Dandia/ Garba dance competition on the occasion of ‘Navratrotsav’ celebration (Dandia Blast-2010) at Vaddem Nagar government high school ground at New- Vaddem, Vasco from October 8 to 17.

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Water, the Great Beautifier

By Aroona Reejhsinghani
Water is a great beautifier and it is the biggest anti-ageing product produced by nature, besides it also keeps the body in a healthy and a happy condition. Water stops the dehydration in the skin, removes toxins from the skin which are the main cause of dull and wrinkled skin and also plumps up the skin and lends it a glow and shine.

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The young warriors

With climate change still a hot-button issue, the world is up in arms to fight the climate war. Considering the same, on 10.10.10, the international campaign, will observe Global Work Party, which is a happening world over, including India.

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The many faces of Sammy Travasso

It was always his dream to produce a music album. It took time, but the dream was eventually realised and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP), Sammy Travasso is enjoying every bit of his new found avatar.

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Minakar weaving- an almost lost art

By Banalata Bipani
Some 300 years ago, you could have seen these beautifully woven minakar brocades of the length of a dupatta, or patkas as they were called, adorn the waist of a handsome Mughal princesses.

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‘Soimbacho Khell ani Patkiancho Mell’


 Nature often takes on the role of a judge and convicts those who have committed grave sins and yet go scot-free. Nature literally plays with the destiny of law breakers by creating natural disasters like landslides and literally block their way in order to assemble all the sinners at one place; hence the title ‘Soimbacho Khell ani Patkiancho Mell.”

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Curbing climate change

It takes only a step to start a journey of a thousand miles. Similarly, if we come together and work towards a global cause then we can be sure to see wondrous results and the one change that needs to be addressed with utmost concern is climate change.

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Goa: the land of tiger worship


The identity of any place is not restricted to its current picture; rather it has a lot to do with its history, and especially its natural heritage. Goa, for instance, has a lot of natural heritage that is not yet explored to its full capacity.

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An end to discrimination

By Carmo D’souza

Fifth October 1910 is s significant day in the History of Portugal- as its reigning King Dom Manuel II was deposed by a coup d’etat. The supposed to be the constitutional monarchy was put to an end and replaced by the Republic. That was a politically unstable exercise as proved by the course of history.

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