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A Window with no Bars The Transformative Power of Art

By Swatee Kotwal Nair and Margaret Mascarenhas

There is a growing global movement to bring prison art to the public’s attention for the immediacy of its form, the power of its messages, and its restorative effect. In established prison art programmes around the world, writing and the visual arts have been the most obvious channels for the creative self within the confines of prison culture.

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Ambitions Meet Reality in India

By Shweta Patwardhan

Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kocchar, Vinita Bali, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Shobhana Bhartia and, wait, Shikha Sharma," said Preeti Singh. The 21-year-old business management student can rattle off the names of the six Indian women chief executives and company heads most often cited as success stories.

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India’s Traditional Dolls

By M J Raju

While the modern child amuses itself with battery operated flashy cars and chic Barbie dolls, India’s traditional dolls which are redolent with the fragrance of mud and grass, out of which they are often fashioned, are getting sidelined.

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Balcão – the Heritage Space

By Prajal Sakhardande

Our ancestors created a cosy leisure space called the ‘balcão’. The balcão, which literally means a balcony, is a uniquely Goan. The inward looking traditional houses of the elite Hindus were centred around an open leisure and utility space called the rajangan - the square courtyard in the centre of the house flanked by passages called the chowks.

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RP202: Excellent but not Perfect

By Mario Cabral e Sa

The eloquent pro-environment activist and arguably one of Goa’s busiest physician Dr Oscar Rebelo stated at a recent interface on RP 21 at the ICG that the plan was "excellent but not perfect". I thought it was a brilliant piece of semantics, and being a friend and also his long-standing patient, I rang him up to congratulate him.

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Heading an Educational Institution

By Tomazinho Cardozo

I have always believed that educational institutions are the best medium to mould character in youth and consequently help in the formation of a balanced society. However, ultimately, the outcome will depend on the leadership that is provided by the institution’s head.

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The Wonders of the Forest

By Vinayak Khedekar

Food is a foremost aspect of culture and we shall look at the culture that is mainly adhered to by the rural and tribal fold of the society. They depend on nature and their temperament is to acquire the maximum number of edible items, naturally grown that are found on the range of the Sahyadri hills.

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The Chemistry of Love

By Sadhguru

Every emotion has certain chemistry behind it. Whether you are joyous or sad, tense or calm, your chemistry is happening in different ways. It works in both ways – an emotion can change your chemistry and chemistry can change your emotion.

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Kitchen Miracles

By Dr Kasturi Desai

It is interesting that some very common household plants or products are very useful as home remedies. One such plant that is very handy as a home remedy is onion.

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Forgiving the Past for a Better Future

By Marilia Priyanka Fernandes

The bitter taste of betrayal can last lifelong. The loss of trust in a close friend can shatter a lifetime of relationships. Deception by a family member causes a chasm of grief. Being cheated on by a lover can cause tremendous hurt.

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