Thursday , 20 February 2020
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The beginning of a glorious chapter for Capuchin Franciscan friars of the Goa jurisdiction

By Br Michael Albuquerque, OFM, Cap
A great and glorious day awaits the Capuchin Franciscan friars of the Goa jurisdiction. On May 22, 2011 the Vice-Province of Goa will be raised to the status of a Province, bearing the name St Anthony Province, and thereby becoming the 11th Capuchin Province in India.

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Summer Hair Care

By Aroona Reejhsinghani
During summer the grease glands become overactive and therefore the hair turns greasy soon. And because the grease combines with pollutants in the atmosphere, the hair acquires an unpleasant odour if you don’t cleanse it at least three times during a week.

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Buying a Swim Suit

By Homai Sagar
Most women in India avoid swimming for the simple reason that they don’t have the figure! That is probably an excuse, but one that can be tackled.

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Able Abel wins hearts at KA piano concert

Richard Abel was at his best as he played the piano flawlessly at The Richard Abel concert. The audience enjoyed the beautiful sounds of birds conjured by Richard on the piano.

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The story of La Bamba

As the summer nears an end, the enthusiasm at summer camps too begins to wane. But it is not so at the Summer Club at Don Bosco Oratory, where the musical play ‘La Bamba’ is all set to be staged on May 20 and 21 at 7 p.m. at the Don Bosco, Panaji grounds. Cedric Silveira caught up with the director of the Oratory, Rev Fr Ralin D’Souza to learn more about the musical.

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Bond with the best

Bond, Ruskin Bond turns 77 today. ‘The Navhind Times’ took the opportunity to ask a few readers why they like his writing and what it was about his work that was so special

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Net Neutrality Survival Basic for Women’s Media

By Megan Tady

If you haven’t already heard of net neutrality, you must get up to speed. What ultimately happens with the fight for free speech on the Internet will have a direct impact on female representation in our media - and in our culture.

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Nature and life find expression in Pietyz paintings

A self-taught artist, Piety D’Silva’s exhibition of paintings was inaugurated at the hands of the Speaker, Mr Pratapsing Rane recently at the Kala Academy. Piety in his brief address said in this small world, life and nature are interlinked and that is why he chose the theme ‘Nature and Life’ for his paintings.

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‘Actors have a responsibility towards cinema of their region’

In Goa, to shoot for his latest ad film, actor Jimmy Shergill in a candid chat with ‘The Navhind Times’ spoke about his current films, the preparations that go behind each role and his commitment to the Punjabi film industry.

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