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For Eyes that Shine

By Aroona Reejhsinghani
Beautiful eyes can tremendously enhance the beauty of any face but if you do not take care of this most important asset of your beauty, then your face will lose all its charm.

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43-day-long celebrations of Shree Mahalasa temple concluded

Vidhyadhiraj Teerth Swamiji of Partagal Mutt, delivering his Ashirvachan speech on the concluding day of the 43-day-long celebrations to mark 450 years of the Shree Mahalasa temple, Mardol said that Ayutchandi Mahayadnya, considered to be one of the most scared rituals in the Hindu religion, performed in the temple precincts will surely bring peace and prosperity to the devotees of Shree Mahalasa Narayani and will help in further development of the saunsthan.

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Tiatr Review : ‘Vichitr Natem’


After ‘Rajkaronn’ the hard hitting political drama, Oldrin Squeira comes up trumps once again with a tiatr which is a story of parental love. Produced by Divine Arts production, this tiatr is titled ‘Vichitr Natem’.

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Tome, master masquerader


Who is the most awaited man every year? No prizes for guessing; it is the jolly man in his red suit shouting out ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ from the rooftops. It is Santa Claus, the benevolent gentleman much beloved of the children, the bearer of the Christmas gifts for all the tots who have been good that year.

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The Saviour was Born Here

By Mackinley Cantor

Where was Jesus Christ born, a stable or a cave? Christian theologians have long pondered over this puzzle, which was tackled by the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and have come to the conclusion that he was actually born in a cave, which was being used as a stable to keep cattle!

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Sandygrains of imagination


Goarecently hosted the three-day sand art festival which witnessed some fascinating sand sculptures based on the theme ‘‘Wild Life Conservation’. The aim was to increase awareness on ‘Wild Life Conservation’ and appraise them on the fact that many species are endangered.

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A global experience


Goareceived the best of Smirnoff nightlife exchange project, a one of a kind global project where 14 countries paired up to exchange their nightlife. Fans in Goa experienced the best of Canada’s electrifying DJs, who performed live music and set the dance floor on fire. Purvi Radia got talking with the DJs, Steve and BREED

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‘Mistletoe Carolers’

The ‘Mistletoe Carolers’ are Preethi Coutinho, Nezba Fortes, Lyona Fortes, Valenka Fortes and Deepthi Coutinho.  Manfa Music, Margao have released an audio CD of carols in English and Konkani rendered by these talented singers.

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‘A Christmas to Remember’

This is another release from Rock & Raaga Productions.  The album begins with Feliz Navidad followed by Jingle Bells and other  favourites, including Mary’s Boy Child, a newer version of White Christmas titled ‘Blanca Navidad’ ,

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Audio Review by J P PEREIRA

‘50 All Time Christmas Favourites’

This is a collection of traditional carols and Christmas songs, from Rock & Raaga Productions (India) Pvt Ltd, Panaji.

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