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The dancing queens

These days NRI Indian girls learn ‘Bollywood dance, a generic term that spans the entire gamut of dance in Hindi mainstream cinema. Clearly India’s very own filmy dances have broken through the borders.  Shoma A Chatterji reports

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Warm memories of a cold desert

The cold desert of the country–Ladakh–is a place that will refresh your body, cleanse your soul and help you to attain peace of mind. It is a place where you will witness the power of nature and its unending relation with you. Arti Das explored this Himalayan region only to realise that the real happiness lies in enjoying the small treasures of life and welcoming the world with a smile

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India’s Most famous British Ghost

When Warren Hastings, the first Governor-General of British India left our shores in 1785, he, or those who had packed and shipped his belongings, mislaid an old black bureau which contained some prized papers and miniature portraits. There is plenty of evidence that this loss actually occurred and that it caused Hastings much concern. According to many "ghost hunters", the ghost of the Governor-General comes at midnight on New Year’s Eve every year to the portico of Hastings House in Calcutta in a coach driven by four horses.

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All that Glitters here is Gold

Nowhere else in the world is there such a collection of silver, gold and jewellery establishments as in Zaveri Bazar. But if you were to go to this market you will be surprised at the dusty and dirty surroundings of the establishments. It is a wise shopper who visits Zaveri Bazar in the morning hours for by noon this street is impossible to walk down. Every edifice or every other shop is a jewellery establishment

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Replacing Vengeance with Tolerance

Violence is the most disastrous and most destructive of all social evils. Can the government reduce violence in the country? This is a very long process. Sixty three years of independence and India has not succeeded in reducing poverty or unemployment. Crimes committed by the rich against the poor continue and hence feelings of vengeance strengthen. Value system deteriorates day by day. If not tamed, the electronic media is bound to help in intensifying violent activities. Thus there is an urgent need to take right corrective measures on priority

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Existence is not human-centric

 By Sadhguru

If there were no human beings on this planet, there would be no God talk going on among the other creatures. Essentially, it’s a human thing. Human beings want to find explanations for everything, while the other creatures are okay with what’s on in their lives. Humans want explanations for everything because their intellect will not settle without answers.

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Trees of the Western Ghats

Some of the plant products are so widely used that we often forget that they are actually obtained from trees. One such tree is Eucalyptus or locally known as Nilgiri - getting its name from the Nilgiri Hills where is found in plenty. The leaves contain essential oil which helps to relieve symptoms of colds, flu, chest congestion, sore throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, and respiratory infections

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